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"You old blaggard,  I will sup the nectar of your vines should I pass by."
"Your loyal sire and affectionate friend"
signed "Henry"
So wrote King Henry IV who invited himself to taste the excellent wine of his friend Montesquiou. Do likewise!

Cuvée d'Or

Sauvignon gives freshness and white flowers aromas ; Gros-manseng, with its grapefruit aromas gives structure, roundness and lenght to this dry, fruity white wine.
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Cuvée d'Automne

The grapes are picked up late. Very powerful nose with a lot of fruit. Sugary, round and with a good of lenght in the mouth. This wine is ideal with foie gras.
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Cuvée Rouge

This blend has the smoothness of the Merlot and the gasconic typicity of the Tannat. Though the tannats are supple : they are provided by old vines trimmed very short. Easy to drink..
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Cuvée Rosée

This rosé is light and easy to drink when the weather is hot. Its fruit and soupleness makes it a perfect drink for summer meals. The blend of 2 grape varieties gives structure and length.
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